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5 Reasons Why Glam Wax Are More Than Just Pretty Wax Melts

5 Reasons Why Glam Wax Are More Than Just Pretty Wax Melts

We're very proud of all of our products at Glam Wax, however as our original range Wax Melts have a special place in our hearts! 

Here are five reasons why Glam Wax is much more than just pretty wax melts.

1. So in love with Soy 💗

Did you know that here at Glam we only use 100% soy wax? Soy Wax is a natural Wax harvested from the soy bean and is a biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly Wax which happens to provide excellent scent release. We have always used Soy Wax and will continue to only use the best ingredients possible.

A reason why we love soy wax is that it is suitable for migraine and asthma sufferers due to it being naturally cleaner and less likely to trigger allergies (unless you have an allergy to fragrance oil!). Migraine and asthma sufferers shouldn’t have to miss out on a beautiful smelling home! 

Soy Wax burns cooler meaning it also lasts longer, up to 30% longer than paraffin based Wax Melts. Great value for money, honey!

2. Variety of Scents

Because a girl shouldn’t have to settle! We have over 50 scents to leave your home smelling beautiful. We often add new scents to our range and limited edition ranges such as Spring Clean and Summer Vibes. From Pornstar Martini to Fresh Sheets, Strawberry Bon Bons to Jimmi Shoe – we have something for every nose!

3. Save Your Money 

Wax melts are such an affordable home fragrance option that are kind on your pocket too. Our segment pots cost just £3.00 and contain 6 snappble chunks (just flip and snap ) which is 55p a segment. Each segment lasts 9-10 hours of beautiful fragrance before it needs replacing –equal to about 5p a Melt! Say whaaaaat – that is crazy value girl!

 4. Scents that last

We use the highest legally permitting ratio of fragrance oil to ensure our wax is highly scented. We only use the finest quality fragrance oils for fab scent throw (how strong a scent is). This means the wax can release scent without the fragrance evaporating as quickly. This creates a longer more consistent aroma.

 5. Hand-poured with love

Creating a product you love and cherish is really import to me, which is why I believe in only using the best quality ingredients such as premium Soy Wax and the finest fragrance oils.

Hand pouring is a traditional candle making method of pouring in small batches by hand which ensures excellent quality and allows me to ensure the aesthetic looks Glam!

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 reasons to love our Wax Melts! 

Shop our range of wax melts here.

Stay Glam xo xo 


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