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5 Reasons why Home Fragrance makes the perfect gift

5 Reasons why Home Fragrance makes the perfect gift

Let's face it, gift giving is not always that straightforward! It can take a lot of time and effort to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Home Fragrance products are a great solution when looking for a present; they are always well received and the product versatility means there is something for everyone. 

Don't believe us? Here are five reasons we think home fragrance makes a great gift.

1. Suitable for different occasions

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, wedding gift, thank you gift or just a thinking of you gift - in our opinion, there is no occasion when home fragrance doesn't fit the bill. 

Not only are home fragrance gifts thoughtful, affordable, easy to send and compact to store, they offer mood-boosting properties and relaxing qualities.

Glam Wax's Coconut and Sandalwood Gift Set would make an ideal present for a friend's new home, or how about buying your child's favourite teacher a Wax Melt starter kit to say thank you?

2. Affordable Products


Home Fragrance gifts are a brilliant way to show people you care about them without breaking the bank.

Glam Wax Wax Melts start at just £3! 

3. Variety of Fragrances

Is there a better way of showing someone you want them to be positive and happy than some beautifully scented home fragrance? 

Different fragrances have different qualities and the aromas can evoke feelings, emotions and affect the mood of its recipient. For example, citrus scents are great for invigoration and boosting energy, while lavender is most associated with relaxing and aiding in sleep.

Like taste, everyone's sense of smell is different and Glam Wax offers a range of scents to suit all noses! 

4. Attractive Packaging

From the tub our wax melts come in, to the boxes orders are posted in, we really take pride in how products are presented. 

You don't have to pay extra for gift wrapping with us, everything will arrive looking present-worthy already! 

5. Long-Lasting Enjoyment

Glam Wax uses the highest quality wax and fragrance oils to ensure strongly scented products. This also ensures that products can be enjoyed more than once.

Our Luxury Scented Candles have an approximate burn time of 30 hours, our Wax Melt Segment Pots offer 50 hours of burning while our Reed Diffusers will provide fragrance for up to two months. 

If you need any more gift inspiration, shop our gift range here.

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