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Get "Work from Home" Ready!

Get "Work from Home" Ready!

Boss Babes have been told to stay home and work again, so let's get your home and you ready for it!

I am sure the majority will agree that a calming work environment is essential to allow your genius to flow, so here are our top tips for creating this:

1. Light your favourite candle or get a wax melt melting! Rose Water is my absolute favourite - it surrounds me with a light calming scent, perfect for getting me in the work mood.

2. Surround yourself with motivation. You can purchase some beautiful motivational prints to hang on your walls or be thrifty and design some yourself on Canva!

3. Grab those comfy clothes! Forget boring black leggings, comfy clothes have got fancy since lockdown v.1 - have you checked out Mrs Hinch's new range?

4. Top up the treat tub! Grab the Bourbons or perhaps a tray of mince pies...

5. Coffee is an essential element to start my day so why not treat yourself to an early Christmas pressie and turn your house into a coffee house with a brand new coffee machine or invest in some fancy latte or cappuccino mixes!

If you have any more tips for fellow Boss Babes, pop them in the comments below.

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