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Give the gift of Glam, The perfect gift for her this Christmas.

Give the gift of Glam, The perfect gift for her this Christmas.

Glam Wax Christmas Gift Guide


This weekend we were featured in The Sun’s Under £5 Gift Guide which has inspired me to write this little piece - Give the gift of Glam!


Christmas is here! It feels like this year has flown past quicker than Rudolph and his shiny red nose does. I love Christmas and I think this year it is probably more important than ever for us to spend time with family appreciating what we have. I am looking forward to a little bit of normality and Christmas cheer coming back into my life! As I’m sat here with a cup of hot chocolate, Ariana Grande’s christmas playlist and a Gingerbread Girl wax melt melting away in the background, I am excited to start wrapping my presents.


As a bit of a fun procrastination exercise, I started to think of which Glam Gift would suit the people I’m buying for and their different personalities. 



The Social Butterfly: 


This person is fun, chatty (maybe too chatty), charismatic and the life of the party. This person lives for fun, always wants to go out and may even suffer from FOMO - they probably did a little inside dance when the pubs reopened! So, of course there is only one perfect gift for the social butterfly and it has got to be the Pornstar Martini! Nothing suits a social butterfly more than a beautiful martini glass filled with vanilla vodka and a freshly cut passionfruit! Now, unfortunately we do not sell real Pornstar Martinis, but we have the next best thing and it’s the Pornstar Martini Reed Diffusers! Transform your home into your very own private cocktail bar. Of course we still do our very own Pornstar Martini Wax Melt as well!



The Hinch Addict:


Now this person in my life loves nothing more than a clean, well polished home. They know the latest must have products that will leave their home sparkling and smelling amazing! The perfect gift for this homely soul is our Rosy Wonderland wax melt. Rosy Wonderland has been our most popular Christmas fragrance this year and is inspired by Mrs Hinch herself, so is the perfect fragrance for avid Hinchers!



The Perfume Lover:


I have a few of these girls in my life and to be fair who doesn’t love perfume. This lover of fragrance has probably missed glamming up, spraying on their favourite scent and painting the town red! Well luckily, we can bring the perfume to them with our very own F Bomb Reed Diffuser - the perfect fix for any fragrance craving! Our Reed Diffusers release beautiful scents into your home all day long whilst not compromising on style! A great flame-free alternative to candles or melts. With a stylish pink matte glass bottle and grey fibre reeds, our Reed Diffusers make the perfect addition to any glam gal's decor as well. Our Diffusers contain 100ml and last up to 2 months!



The House Proud:


Well, this person is extremely proud of their home and their belongings in it! Having their own style and unique tastes, can make them super difficult to buy for as buying a gift I like may not fit their home décor and taste. So I tend to go with classic and timeless gifts here and I have never gone wrong with a pretty glass burner to leave their home smelling beautiful. Whether they are melting festive winter scents or prefer floral or fresh, our accompanying wax melt range has something for every nose!



The Self Care Queen:


We all have at least one of these absolute queens in our life and they can normally be found taking luxuriously long baths with the latest avocado face mask - don’t forget the cucumbers! This queen is great at giving self care gifts, so to return the favour this Christmas why not gift them our Mulberry spiced Bath Bomb? Turn their bath into a glam-sational experience! 


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


Happy Melting,



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