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How do you remove wax from your burner?

How do you remove wax from your burner?



How to remove wax from your burner



The age old question - How do I remove wax from my lovely little burner?


Nothing beats smelling a fresh wax melt melting away in your burner. Getting cosy, putting your favourite show or film on and letting the scents waft your way. Then the real horror kicks in of having to change your wax melt! Not only do you have to move, which we all know no one likes to do when you’re in the perfect snug spot, you have to change the wax melt! Don't worry, we’ve got you covered here at Glam HQ! No need to get those fresh acrylics tarnished if you follow our simple tricks to remove the wax melt from the melter!


Warm the wax 


Now this might sound counter productive, but trust me it works. Heat your electric warmer a little or light a tealight and let it heat up slightly - we need the wax melt to be slightly melted and not fully liquified. Now if you have a flame lit, it is time for it to become unlit, so blow the candle out (you might as well make a wish as well) and remove it. Now tilt your burner to the side and pour the wax out into a bin and then wipe your dish with tissue or a cloth. Now that it’s cleaner than Mrs Hinch’s home you can put your new Glam wax melt in there!


Cotton on, wax out


This technique works best if the wax melt is still liquid. Take two cotton balls and place them directly in the wax burner. Let them sit for a few minutes to soak up all the wax. Then please ensure these cotton buds find their way to the bin! This method is also a real saver for those people who don’t have a removable dish on their burner.


Cool down honey 


When the wax burner is off or the flame is out, your wax melt will start to cool down and become slightly hard. Now put the wax burner in the fridge or freezer for just a few minutes and the wax will actually decrease in size as the heat decreases further! Now the wax melt can be removed with ease.


Don’t be a wax sinner!


No matter how tough your day has been, do not take it out on your wax burner with a knife, spoon or any other device to scrape the wax out. Scraping the wax out may crack the burner and you could even harm yourself! Trust the Glam girls and use the methods above.


Now you know how to remove the wax from your wax burners safely and securely. If you have any tips then we would love to hear them! We actually have a Facebook group that you can join for Glam deals, tips and tricks so come and join the "Glam Fam" Facebook group and get involved.


As always, stay Glam girls!


Happy melting,


Christie xo

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