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Let's get therapeutic with this months Sub Box!

Let's get therapeutic with this months Sub Box!

This month's Subscription Box is all about therapeutic feels


2020 Was a crazy year and 2021 seems to be following suit. When the world is like it is, I think it is more important than ever to try and switch off and look after ourselves. We recharge our phone batteries, so why don’t we recharge ourselves?


So for January’s theme I wanted to pick scents that will help you feel relaxed and calm. This month's box also has 3 new scents limited to the box! We have also had a little Glam chat here at HQ and we've come up with our top tips for self care, but first let's start with the scents:


  • Rose Water - a beautiful clean floral scent of rose petals infused in water 
  • My Sanctuary - inspired by a popular pamper range, My Sanctuary has notes of orange, bergamot and clove to leave you feeling tranquil
  • Fluffy Towels - one of life's small pleasures is warm fluffy towels straight out of the tumble dryer
  • Earl Grey & Cucumber - because a cuppa solves everything! Cool cucumber blended with afternoon earl grey tea to leave you feeling refreshed


Now it’s time for our Top Tips for staying Zen


Have a Boss Babe Bath!


Obviously nothing beats a good bath... with a glass (bottle) of prosecco but baths actually have a ton of benefits too...

  • They help us have cleaner, healthier skin - a good soak in hot water, be it a bath or shower, can open up the pores in our skin.
  • Studies have shown that soaking in hot water will lower your blood pressure.
  • We fall asleep faster - hot water relaxes the body and prepares us for falling asleep.
  • Relieves muscle tension - hot showers can relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles.

Use one of our new bath bombs which are made with apricot oil to leave your skin silky soft. They also contain vitamin E & A, which can help to prevent skin damage and ageing.


It's Ok To Binge! 


Why not sit back, get cosy with your favourite wax melt and have a little binge! We have some top recommendations for you.

If you're looking for a lockdown thrill watch 'Ozark', love a Boss Babe taking over watch 'Queen Gambit'. However if you're looking for suspense then you need to binge 'The Stranger'.


Pamper Yourself! 


Who doesn't feel better after a pamper! Put on a face mask, paint your nails and play your favourite music as you drink a glass of Prosecco (there's a theme here - we LOVE prosecco) and a little bit of retail therapy can do us all some wonders now and then... just don't do too much! We have a BRAND NEW fabulous range of burners available as well! #Letsgetlit


As always stay Glam girls!

Christie x

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    • Heather -

      Thank you reading this has made me feel better. I have loads of your melts and love them. I will have to order your sanctuary one . Keep safe heather

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