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Meet the Maker!

Meet the Maker!
Hey glam squad! 

I thought it was only fitting that my first blog post be an introduction to myself, the person that makes your glittery wax melts.
I’m Christie and I am the Boss Babe behind Glam Wax. Over a year ago I had never heard of a wax melt until a friend at work had ordered some online and showed me what she had purchased. I was fascinated! She had ordered some in her favourite perfume. I have always liked candles but didn’t even know perfume dupes in home fragrance existed! I quickly became a bit of a wax melt addict (who else is guilty lol) but I couldn’t find a brand of home fragrance I identified with. Most of the wax melts I had come across were plain white with simple packaging, I wanted my home fragrance to represent me: feminine, fun and most of all glam!

At the time I traded foreign currency as a hobby but with the uncertainty around Brexit and the economy it was hard to make calculated judgements. I needed a new hobby. An idea popped in my head, why not try making glitzy wax melts? I ordered some supplies, researched methods of making wax melts and began experimenting.

I really liked how they turned out and wondered if others would also like them. I created a business account on Instagram and decided to do a launch offer to see if any interest. That week I had 150 orders and was blown away! Our following began to grow on Instagram as our kind followers began sharing their happy post. I was working full time as an E-commerce Buyer and was struggling to reply to DMs, make orders and post them out. At this point Glam Wax was only two months old so very much still in it’s infancy but I did not see sales slowly down anytime soon. Something had to give as long nights of making wax juggled with my full time job was becoming impossible. It seemed risky but my heart was telling me to pursue my dream.

Seven months later and we have just hit 17,000 followers on Instagram. It's been a crazy journey so far with lots of long days and some highs and lows but my followers have been so supportive and really help motivate me. We recently invested in an industrial wax melting machine so we can speed up production and our volume. We have some exciting things planned for 2020 and I am so thrilled to have you on this glam journey with me!

Christie xo

 Christie Glam Wax Owner  

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