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More Issues Than Vogue

More Issues Than Vogue

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed


It’s been a whirlwind year (plus a couple months) for Glam Wax and we have been feeling reflective of all the things we have accomplished in our first year of business.


Lockdown was the busiest we have ever been and was great seeing so many new people use wax melts for the first time. Poor mum was packing glam post all day long whilst I restocked all the wax melts.


We also got contacted by a celeb agency and got the chance to work with Amber Turner from The Only Way Is Essex.


Then we hit 25,000 followers on Instagram. We are so lucky to be a part of such an amazing social community. I have met such lovely, supportive and kind individuals that I feel so blessed to know. As our following increases on social so does our orders and new customers discovering Glam Wax. We really are so grateful for every follow, share, like, comment and order. We have also just hired our first full time member of staff and hope to make more additions in the future.  


But my favourite highlight of the year has to be being contacted by Vogue to be featured in their magazine. I thought it was spam at first! As a young adult I studied Fashion Buying at the Fashion Retail Academy so as you can imagine Vogue was the fashion bible!


We are now heading into our Autumn/Winter season with our new Autumn scents now available on our site. We are working on new product development so hoping to add a couple of new products to the Glam family soon (when I get some free time in between making wax).


We are also on the lookout for a manufacturing space as we have quickly outgrown the family kitchen, living room, utility room, bedrooms… honestly it is sometimes a struggle to get to the kettle.. eek!


We have had a fabulous first year in business and looking forward to seeing what the next year holds! We hope you join us on this exciting journey.


Thank you for all the love and support,


Christie xoxo

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