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Our Glambassador Boss Babes

Our Glambassador Boss Babes

At Glam we are all about supporting Boss Babes so were super excited to launch our Glam Wax Glambassador Scheme in late 2020. We were inundated with applications but initially took on just 10 Reps to trial the scheme and iron out any issues. Our initial 10 were fantastic so we opened up the scheme and now have a powerful army of Boss Babes in the making! 

A selection of our team jumped at the chance to tell you a little about their time as a Glambassador and their favourite Glam Wax goodies.

Our reps Kristie, Simone and Keira tell you what first attracted them to our Glambassador Rep Scheme:

“I have been a customer of Glam Wax from very early on. I love everything about Glam Wax: it’s girly, it’s pretty and it’s pink!

When I saw that they were advertising for ambassadors I jumped at the chance. I wanted to be part of the growth in the company and because I used the products I knew I would be able to sell the products from my heart. I have enjoyed every moment of working with them and watching the business thrive!

The care and time that is put into each and every product is amazing and I love the support that has come along with it. It’s like having a family that's on my wavelength about wax melts! 😅 

I have loved engaging with customers and growing my social media accounts, while meeting new people along the way. The incentives are fabulous and my home is filled with Glam Wax products, it’s fab!

I didn’t apply because of the commission, that was just an added bonus. The support has been amazing from Christie and Philippa and the rest of the Glam Wax team. I hope I have made you all proud and shown you just how much I love every single product Glam Wax produces. Thanks so much for the opportunity! And thanks for making me a boss babe.” - Kristie Mcloughlin


“Hey guys and gals 💕 time to tell you all a bit about myself and why I wanted to get involved in the Glambassador programme!

My name is Simone and I'm 25 from Belfast. I discovered Glam Wax just over two years ago when I moved out on my own and couldn't wait for my house to start smelling nice. I fell in love with Glam Wax instantly. Their aesthetic, how good their costumer service is and how strong the scents are. I've used other wax melts companies before and they are nowhere near as strong nor do they last long.

When they offered the Glambassador scheme I jumped at the chance as I believed in the products and wanted everyone I know to get the chance to try them out for themselves! I also love how they are constantly push the boundaries releasing new and exciting products such as the bubble baths 💕” - Simone Matthews


“I was looking over the internet for a new burner and some melts and finally came across “Glam Wax”. The prices were really affordable so I had to try. I got my order in the mail a couple days later and was in love with them, I wanted to be an ambassador for them so I did!” - Keira Cameron

What do our Reps find most enjoyable about being a Glam Wax Glambassador? Natacha and Sam tell us more:

“When Glam Wax were looking for girls to become reps for them I was super excited to apply to join the team. I had been using Glam Wax products for about 5 months by then and these wax melts were the best I had ever used.

I knew my passion about how I felt would drive me to get the Glam Wax name out to my friends and family. What I didn’t know would be that I would find a great group of ladies who all had the passion I did about Glam Wax. We have a great rep group where everyone can help each other out when needed, give little pick-me-ups when people are finding it hard and this has got to be the best thing I enjoy about being a Glam Wax Glambassador :-)” - Natacha Cox


"For me, there isn't ‘one’ best part of being a Glambassador, there are many things that I’ve really enjoyed from this amazing experience. 

I have enjoyed being able to get passionate about a product that I already really loved and to share that passion with other people. I have also enjoyed speaking to new people... new customers, the other Glambassadors and the Glam team!

It’s also been refreshing to use social media for something so positive. While it can be a place that’s not always the happiest... my experience as a Glambassador has been nothing but positive and uplifting and I think we all need a bit of that at the minute.

I have also really enjoyed the way that this experience has helped me through the pandemic.... as a full time manager, I never usually have much free time, so when I do... my mind goes into overdrive! This has been a welcome, fun distraction... all while helping Christie and the Glam team smash it!" - Sam Garner

We delight seeing how well our Glambassadors are doing and love hearing what joining the scheme has done for them personally. Here is a little from Laura:

“Well, where do I start, one incredible thing that has definitely come from lockdown was getting the opportunity to become a Glambassador.

I am currently an auxiliary nurse and a home and décor lover. In my spare time I had a small business selling beauty products which did not as get as much notice as expected, until I started my Glam journey.

My small business works via Facebook and has over 100 returning members thanks to the incredible products which Glam Wax provide, the clear electric silver burners being one of my most popular products!

Since this started I have met so many incredible customers and had the opportunity to earn extra income and of course using Glam Wax products within my own home which I love to share via my Instagram. The Glam Wax ambassador opportunity has given me so much more confidence to promote and get the word out about glam wax and my little business which I will always appreciate.

I will always love Glam Wax products and will be forever grateful for having them in my home. Without them I would still be selling beauty products and not be known to all my customers now.” - Laura Bibby

We all have a favourite product (or ten) but what do our Reps love the best? Here are Donna and Natalie's favourite Glam Wax goodies...

“There really aren't many products in the Glam Wax range that I could say that I don't love the scent of, as all the products are of excellent quality and throw off a good scent that can be smelt throughout downstairs of my home. However my absolute favourite has to be Pornstar Martini, this scent reminds me of warm summers day drinking with my girls, so always gives me a happy vibes when I smell it. I have this amazing scent in the soy wax melts, Reed Diffuser, Bubble Bath and bath bombs.” - Donna Smith


My Name is Natalie, I am 44, Married and have 1 son who is nearly 16. I became a Glambassador in November 2020 and absolutely love it. It changed my life completely whilst on Lockdown.

The products I love the most at Glam Wax have got to be the Wax melts. I love my home to smell beautiful at all times, especially when I walk through the door. I have tealight burners in my hall, kitchen and lounge and tend to use the same scent for a couple of days before switching to another scent. The beauty of the wax melts is that we have so many scents to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. One day I could be melting a perfume inspired scent, the next day a fruity scent and on another day maybe one of our scents that has just been released for a special occasion such as Valentines, Easter, Mother's Day or a gorgeous Festive Scent.

Our Wax melts are a fantastic price at £3.00 per pot. Each pot will give you 50 hours of burn time. Plus with my Glambassador discount code you can save 10% off.

Why not give our wax melts a try, there is is scent for everyone ♥️ Natalie x" - Natalie Deacon

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    How did I ever manage before the Pornstar Martini products from Glam Wax were invented!!!!

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