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Choosing a Wax Melt Burner... Tealight or Electric?

Choosing a Wax Melt Burner... Tealight or Electric?

Whether you are new to wax melts or you’ve been burning since day dot, the amount of different wax burners on the market can be absolutely baffling! Tealight, electric, diamante, glass, ceramic, big, small – the choices are endless! But what is the difference between them all, and is it a big one?  

Tealight Burners

These burners will typically have an accessible chamber at the bottom where you place your tealight and then a dish, or similar, on the top which is where you would place your chunk(s) of wax. Ceramic burners will have a non-removable top dish, whereas the glass ones top dish is removable – making it even easier to clean!

Tealight wax melt burners will heat your wax more than an electric burner so will give you the best scent throw from your wax melt. We always advise using a 3-4 hour tealight with any Tealight Burner, as any higher burning time could result in cracking or cause your burner to shatter!

Tealight Burners come in many different materials which give different effects, which will suit you is personal preference. I currently have a mosaic Tealight Burner downstairs and a certain magical wizard themed glass one upstairs.

These burners are really easy to clean. You can either pop the dish / entire burner into the freezer for 10 minutes and the wax will pop out or run the dish or dish section under hot water for a minute or so and the wax will heat up and slide out.

Pros – Best scent throw and low cost

Cons – Naked flame may not be suitable for your household


Electric Burners

These types of burners use the heat from a bulb to melt your wax melt instead of a tealight. They very often have a closed bottom section, which holds the bulb, and a dish on the top for your chunk(s) of wax.

Most will have touch technology, meaning that you can touch the base of the burner to alter the level of heat and light. Many will also have wonderful designs, giving beautiful light effects in your home.

Pros – No naked flame and can act as an additional lamp in the home

Cons – Will not give as strong as scent throw as a tealight burner and can cost a little more

NB: Glam Wax melts are not compatible with some other wax melt company burners, due to our melts having a higher melting point and their burners just not being up to the task 😉

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