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How to use our Diffusers

Our diffusers are a great flame-less alternative to wax melts and candles, look fantastic and come in a wide range of scents. Check out the info below to get the best scent out of your new diffuser. 


How to use your diffuser

When you receive your diffuser, it will arrive as the main bottle and separate sticks. The top of the bottle will have a stopper to stop the liquid inside leaking out, carefully remove this and pop your sticks into the bottle.

Put your diffuser in your favourite place, sit back and enjoy the scents released into your home.


Refreshing your scent

Your diffuser bottle (and our diffuser refill bottles) last approximately 2 months, during this time you will need to regularly flip your sticks to keep the scent strong. Aim to flip your sticks every couple of weeks.


Changing your diffuser scent

The great thing about our diffusers is that they can be reused again and again, whether that be another 2 months of the same scent of for a brand new scent.

Should you choose to go for a brand new scent, then it is important that you also invest in a new set of sticks. This is because your existing reeds will be soaked in the old fragrance, meaning you would compromise the new fragrance should you use them again.

Luckily for you, we have the reeds ready to purchase so can easily pop a new set on to your next Glam Wax order.


How to care for your diffuser

We would suggest keeping your diffuser away from direct sunlight, as this will dull the colour over time and make sure to have your diffuser placed somewhere it cannot easily be knocked (we don't want you wasting any of those precious liquid).



Please keep your diffuser away from children, pets and flames at all time. Never put the diffuser liquid into a tealight or electrical burner.

Check out our full range of Reed Diffusers and find the perfect match for your home.