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Hey, I'm Christie the female founder behind Glam Wax 👋🏻

One day in 2019 when I was at work, my colleague showed me her recent online shopping happy post. She had ordered herself some wax melts. I had never heard of wax melts before and was curious to try them! I tried to order some wax melts online but noticed all the fragrances were either cleaning product dupe or designer perfume inspired (nothing wrong with this, I just wanted something different). The branding and packaging of these retailer was pretty plain too (no shade!). I just couldn't find a wax melt brand I identified with or wanted to purchase from. I wondered if others felt the same.

I was in need of a new hobby so thought I would try making my own. I ordered some Pornstar Martini fragrance oil, soy wax and wax melt making supplies. I made them pink, decorated with gold glitter and added shimmer so they would sparkle as they melted. I personally thought they smelt and looked amazing! Heck, they were even good enough to sell! I just knew others like me would love them. I asked on my instagram account if there would be any interest if I sold these wax melts and had 150 orders that week! I was blown away!

That is how Glam Wax started from my tiny apartment kitchen (it really was tiny) to now a Glam Factory in Exeter, Devon, UK. I am so proud of what I have created and love seeing the joy my products give others. When I get tagged on socials it triggers something in me with makes me quite emotional.

We are now trusted by over 10,000+ customers to scent their home. Our products are stocked on Look Fantastic and Feel Unique. We have expanded from wax melts to now candles, reed diffusers, bubble bath and body scrubs all of which we handmake ourselves in our factory. I am so grateful of how far we have come and excited to see what the future holds!

You can follow my business journey and connect with me on Linkedin here

Stay glam!

Christie xoxo